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The boy sat on the windowsill, lazily swinging his legs. His thin face and dark eyes glowed under the moonlight's spell. He gazed upon the nightime queen's face, adoring every aspect, longing to be there. 

"I'm lucky" he thought, "to see such beauty". He felt unworthy to contemplate it. But there she was, benevolent as any queen, casting her magical rays upon Earth. A cloud crossed the sky and hid the queen from the boy's sight.

He was disheartened, sad an angry at the same time, for watching the full moon was one of his most prized delights. The temporary absence of his beloved queen remembered where he was: Earth. The boy heard the distant hooting of an owl, accompanying the drunken singing of the local bar. He played closed attention to it, cocking his head towards its direction. Even though he couldn't comprehend the lyrics, he could hear its nostalgic melody.

 The wind brought him the sweet smell of country flowers. The crickets chirped in the chill of the night. Soon, the cloud began to wane and the precious light surrounded the boy once again. "If only I could fly" he wished, swinging his legs slightly fater. Then, a strange thought. "Why not?" He swung his legs faster and faster, feeling the adreline rushing through his veins. Closing his eyes, the  boy loosened his grip on the windowsill and pushed himself forward. 

He expected the  ground to meet his face. Curious thing was, the  pain didn't come. He opened his eyes and nearly choked in his surprise. The garden laid beneath him. The boy floated as light as a feather. An overflowing happiness invaded his body; the boy began to laugh. Thrilled with his luck, he stretched his arms towards the Moon and began to fly, leaving  not only the garden, but his house, the bar, the whole town behind. He flew so high, that soon his hometwon was a miniscule light among the rest of the county, looking very much like a group of fireflies. The boy flew higher and faster, the moon coming closer within each passing second. It came so close, the boy was overwhelmed by its size. 

He landed, closing his eyes again, afraid of what he would find. It took him several minutes to gather the courage and open his eyes again. The moon's surface was unlike anything else he had seen before. It didn't look like the photos he had seen on the newspaper. Instead of a barren land, the boy stood in a field of pale silver grass, with silver flowers and silver trees. His smile widening, the boy ran, breathing the silverness of it all. Soon, he ran out of breath and fell on the grass, soft as a pillow.

"I'm on the moon...I'm on the moon" the boy chanted, so happy that his wish came true. He laid down on the field, preparing himself for a nap. Then, his ear pricked, for he heard distant yet hypnotic music. He sat up and looked for its direction. Indeed, now that he was fully aware, there was music in the air, it's melody so sweet it seemed to be calling for him. He followed its sound, walking across the moonfield until he found himself at the edge of a vast valley, with a bright object sitting in the middle of it. The boy moved one foot...then the other one. He began to feel fearful of what he would find. Afterall, he was in a strange land.

The music grew louder as the boy came closer to that bright object, which turned out to be a castle of marble walls and silver turrets. He couls see a crowd dancing in front of it. The boy walked faster and soon he foudn himself within the crowd.

The moonpeople were the most beautiful people he have ever seen. The boy could only compared them to the elve stories his grandmother told him. Their pale golden hair was long , and it waved as they waltzed to the sounds of their joyous music. Some had delicate harps in their hands, others trumpets. And some didn't have any instrument at all, but instead danced. The boy then realized how strange he must looked among the crowd.

It wasn't long before somebody noticed him. A moonman took him by the arm and pulled him across the crowd. The music didn't stop, though. The man led the boy through the marble stairs and at the top, he saw the most beautiful sight of all. In front of the gilded castle's  doors, there stood a princess, the boy assumed, by the thin golden crown the girl bore in her head. The princess' skin had a faint glow, and her hair fell down in heavy curls upon her shoulders. Her gown seemed to be made by the finest silk, etched with silver embroidery. Indeed, she must be the ruler of such magical place. 

The boy felt out of place more than ever. His dark eyes trembled at the gentle stare of the princess' blue orbs. The moonman left the boy and returned to the crowd. 

"Earth boy..." the princess whispered sweetly " last you've come"

The boy was at loss for words. Back on Earth, girls barely talked to him, calling him a weirdo and scoffing at his absurd dreams of reaching the moon. And last time he checked, none of them were as pretty as a princess, let alone a moon princess.

"Y-your....Majesty" the boy stuttered, kneeling on the floor. The princess chuckled, and the boy felt his face getting red. 

"No need to be so formal, my friend, I've been waiting for a long time" the princess' hands tugged at the boy's arms and pulled him up. The boy still couldn't at her in the face.

"Excuse me, your Majesty, but I can't recall meeting you before.." he said, staring at his feet. 

"Oh...that" the princess mused, " you may not know me...but I do know you. Or at least, I think I do." At such statement, the boy did looked into the princess' face, perplexed. The princess smiled at him. "I'm Selene, by the way. And you are...?"


"Tommy", Selene's smile widened "...for a long time, I have watched the Earth". She then pointed at a blue marble at the distance and both stared at it. "Mother tells me stories of how Earthlings and Moonpeople used to be friends. You see, the moonpeople can't visit Earth. But from time to time, an Earthling would appear in our mist and tell us moonpeople stories. But it has been so long..." the princess's voice trailed off and she stared for at long time at the horizon. 

It seemed that both children didn't have anything to say, until Tommy gathered the courage to speak again.

"Y-you were expecting  me?" he asked with disbelief.

Princess Selene was brought back from her reverie. "Oh yes I did!" she exclaimed "I had a hunch that something extraordinary would happen today. Oh,  please, Tommy, tell me a  story". The princess then sat on one of marble's steps. Tommy was unsure of what to do. He sat next to the princess and cleared his throat.

"There was a boy..." he started, casting a nervous glance to his audience.

"Go on" the princess said, folding her arms and staring at Tommy's face.

"There was  a boy who dreamed  visiting in the moon. " He cleared his throat once again. "He dreamed he jumped out of a window and found out he could fly. The boy was happy, incredibly happy. He flew over fields and laughed out of happiness. He soared over the country and laughed out of happiness. He then flew over  Earth and found himself so close to the Moon he couldn't believe his luck."

He looked back at Selene, just to be sure that she was still there. Her encouraging smile gave him the confidence to go on. 

"The boy landed in a silver field and thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He ran across it and breathed in the sweet smell only moonflowers have. Then, he heard a sound, very different from an Earth sound. The boy followed it and encountered a crowd of moonpeople! The most beautiful people! They danced, and they sang! Harps twanged and the air was filled with lovely sounds! The boy felt queer in that place, because an Earthling like him was most likely unworthy to be there. A moonman noticed him, and the boy felt afraid. The man pulled him through the crowd and brought the boy into the presence of the princess of that holy place"

"He was unsure of what to say,  but the benevolent princess was gentle and kind. She then told him stories of how once mankind and her people were once friends, but over time, Earthlings stopped visiting them, become more and more busy with petty situations on Earth. Then the princess requested for a tale and then boy..."

Tommy suddenly stopped and looked at the princess with widened eyes.

"Then the boy what?" Selene asked.

"Princess, you're fading away..." Tommy forgot about the story and  stared at her. 

"No, no, no, Tommy! You can't go away!" Selene tugged at Tommy's arms and found herself clutching at the thin air, unable to grasp him. 

Tommy saw the princess's eyes become watery and he tried to wipe the tears away, but all he could do was brush her golden head and then found himself speeding down to Earth. He saw the moon becoming smaller, and the ground coming closer and closer. He shut his eyes...he was sure he'd meet the ground this time. 

With a thud, he fell over damp grass. The taste of iron filled his mouth and he heard once again the crickets and the drunken bar. With effort, he sat on the ground. The moonlight illuminated the garden and Tommy looked at back at the house. Indeed,  he had jumped out of the window and imagined he could fly. His body ached, but nothing hurt more than his heart, for he had truly believed he had gone to the Moon and talked to Princess Selene. Tears flowed from his eyes and he tried to wipe them away with his hands. He brushed them away harshly from his cheeks, until he noticed something strange intertwined with his fingers.

A lonely, golden hair sparkled under the silver rays.... 


EDIT: I decided to withdrawn this from the tournament and submit a more suitable entry I could really feel satisfied with :P

This is my entry for :iconwriters--club: round three :"Within a dream". Now....about the piece. I didn't think of the plot clearly. I had several ideas, but on May 5th, the day in which the moon would be at it closest point with Earth, I wrote half of the story. I was sitting in my windowsill and thought about it ....and then I just kept on writing. And since I tend to procrastinate, plus, Uni hw, I finished it until today. I know, it has a lame ending, but it was fun to write, because it has been a long time since I have written a fantasy piece. I know it isn't winnning material, but heh, it was a lovely try. Enjoy :)
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